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A non-traditional card game about building castles and gathering treasure, while trying to survive various disasters.

As per game rules, players take turns adding rooms to their castle or taking actions made available by the rooms they already have. The goal is to survive the many disasters that randomly befall all players while gathering and activating treasure filled vaults. The surviving player with the most treasure points wins the game.

The game was funded successfully through Kickstarter and can be preordered via PayPal from the producer's website.

An online version is available on the game website as well as a free version published on Tabletop simulator.

Game specificationsEdit

  • Number of players: 1-5.
  • Age: 6+
  • Match duration: 20-50 minutes.
  • Game pieces: 137 cards; 25 Vaults, 75 rooms, 12 disasters, 13 catastrophes, 10 throne rooms, 1 "You go first" card and 1 Turn actions card.

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