Golden Meteor
I believe some of the citizens of the ancient civilizations must have escaped the system. This disaster is poof of that. The items and gold in the meteor were valuables the escapees must have ejected into space once they realized they were carrying dead weight.

I may be able to find the direction they escaped in by analyzing the radiation and dust in the meteor as well as accounting for the conditions that fused the individual items into one giant mass.

But the problem is that I will not find them there, and the fact they had to eject what they thought of as valuable means bad news. Still, it is an endeavor worth the effort.


Add 5 cards to the next round's Shop.


If (X) is the number of disasters played before this one, then this causes:

A- 1+X Symbol Square Icon damage.

B- 0 Symbol Cross Icon damage.

C- 1+X Symbol Moon Icon damage.