The 13th Seal

I don't know anymore. Nothing makes sense. All is lost.

Had we known of this earlier... Had we somehow foreseen this...

It is too late now. Nothing can stop it.

It haunts our dreams and our reality.

It is our end.


This catastrophe is unique in that it has no base damage and does not follow the standard damage distribution and has no special effect.

If (X) is the number of disasters played before this one,then it causes:

A- 2X Symbol Square Icon damage.

B- 2X Symbol Cross Icon damage.

C- 2X Symbol Moon Icon damage.


  • Originally, there were supposed to be 12 disasters and 12 catastrophes, but this one was added at the end of the development process making it the 13th catastrophe; hence the name.
  • The pyramid with eyes on it may be a reference to Bill Cipher and the weirdmageddon event from the TV show "Gravity Falls".