Of all the amazing things discovered among the ruins of the worlds of old, the treasures kept in ancient vaults attracted the most attention (and the richest buyers). Each treasure, from these rooms, possesses great value in the field of science or art if not both.

The vault themselves are also fascinating in the technologies they employ to protect and maintain their contents. Moving the vaults without proper power supply would usually result in the vault becoming impossible to open without damaging the valuable cargo inside; which is why vaults that are not properly connected are never counted.

Treasure Points Edit

Each vault supply a number of treasure points when having all its gold connections matched. Some vaults provide points based on some condition while others provide a flat number.

Some rooms can modify the amount of treasure points the vaults provide.

The player with the most treasure points at the end of the game is considered the winner.

Vault Types Edit

There are 25 vault cards in the game divided into three types:

Basic Vaults Edit

Vaults that have no special properties. There are 16 basic vaults (with a number of duplicates).

1- Small Vault (4)

2- Medium Vault (6)

3- Big Vault (4)

4- Large Vault (2)

Passive Vaults Edit

Vaults that have a constant effect as long as they are active. There are 6 passive vaults.

Link Vaults Edit

Vaults that have a momentary effect once activated. There are 3 link vaults (with a number of duplicates).

1- Briber's Vault (2)

2- Nuclear Vault