A solar system full of fragmented planets, asteroid belts, and remnants of once powerful civilizations. The region is plagued by anomalies that ripped it to shreds making it impossible to repopulate.

From all corners of the galaxy, converging on this region, are scavengers seeking riches, researchers seeking knowledge, mercenaries seeking a living, and adventurers seeking thrill.

Despite the many warnings, scavengers dig deep wherever they smell treasures and, every now and then, awaken one of the sources of destruction that brought the end of the old civilizations.

The Old Civilizations Edit

"Many researchers, myself included, believe that the old civilizations that inhabited the worlds of old were originally a single civilization that ascended to type II. The high level of technology that is beyond a type I civilization, the signs of large populations on planets that couldn't support life without Tera-forming, and fragments of a structure that may have been a Dyson sphere support this claim.

However, the several planets that consisted the worlds of old appear to have technological levels based on the same foundation but branching into different directions. Each planet showing more interest in a certain field of technology and its utility. Each planet a civilization on its own.

Why did such a great civilization break up into several type I civilizations is subject for speculation as the split is estimated to have happened 500 years before the demise of the system."

XEY, astroarcheologist

The Downfall Edit

Considering the numerous recovered records, the tech found among the ruins, and the nature of the disasters; there is no doubt that some of them were originally used as weapons.

It is unclear if the users failed to control these weapons or if another disaster disabled their control.

However, some of these disasters are believed to have been sabotaged energy sources or experiments ran out of control.

No one can tell if an accident started the domino effect of releasing these disasters or an act of war yielded unexpected results; what is clear is that the old civilizations held their doom in their own hands."

XEY, astroarcheologist

The Present Edit

"Greedy scavengers never head my warnings! They activate devices to see what they do, explore any anomaly showing up on their scanners, dig out anything they suspect to be of value, and utilize technologies designed by organisms different from us without fear of side effects.

In their folly, they fail to understand that they may awaken creatures with catastrophic powers, summon sinister entities with destructive agendas, or activate devastating weaponry of massive devastation.

I know those who come to the worlds of old are either too brave (or too stupid) to fear death, but I fear what horrors we may be bringing to our own civilizations when we bring back the "treasures" we found."

XEY, astroarcheologist